Buddha Baby

Sharing a memory from October 2011... Something happened to all of our cameras at the beach, but doesn't this have a timeless (or maybe just a 70s' ??) look to it?? She's our buddah baby 🙂

Ruby kisses

Ruby kissing Grandma lots!! A sweet memory from Thanksgiving at my brothers house in 2015. Ruby kept kissing her and she grandma reacted bigger and bigger reactions! Then Ruby would giggle and giggle!!! A couple of years later Ruby was smooshing a good night kiss on my cheek and just stayed (stuck) there saying through... Continue Reading →


We’ve been celebrating our FIVE Year Nomadiversary all week long... but today is the day we pulled out of the driveway with our trusty home we got a week before yet quickly jackknifed upon our exit! I have a billion photos and videos I want compile to commemorate; but I’ve just not been in a... Continue Reading →

Nineteen Minutes of 2019

I really enjoy the One Second Everyday videos, but it's just not enough time to document our days! Every day isn't 'amazing' but everyday is real and I don't want to take any of it for granted!! So with gratefulness, I've documented some of our highlights of the past year. The link is to the... Continue Reading →

Christmas with Cheryl 2019

Wrapping up a sweet week with two sweeties!!! Angel came to help me keep Auntie Cheryl company as she’s recovering from her knee upgrade. 😉 The three of us have have laughed, cried, movied, sunsetted and sang... together. 😉 Cheryl is a tough cookie, sweet and salty, funny and sunny! Such a trooper as she’s... Continue Reading →

We are selling our RV and van so we can switch over to a truck and fifth wheel set up! [Update: Full rig has SOLD] So, consider this full rig set up before we send it off to consignment. 2016 Open Range Light 308BHS Travel Trailer 2018 Chevy Express 3500 (mileage 30,772; towing mileage 3,250)... Continue Reading →


Sidetracked... we are moving. We are always moving; but we are moving out of this rig tomorrow, and in about a month we will get to move into our new rig...It is amazing how much there is to pack as we ready to hotel it for a bit (and be at moms for a few... Continue Reading →

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