This guy….

This guy... changed my life; only for the better... in all of the ways.... twenty six years ago today, we first met. Christopher, thank you for this lovely life!! 💗 26 years!! Established 1996 2015 Today marks 19 years from the day I met my Chris. 😉 I never really brag on him enough! He's... Continue Reading →

Mamarazzi June 2016 & 2022

2016: Y'all... It finally happened. My phone is sassing me with messages like 'cannot take photo' 'no memory' 'manage space' blah blah blah It's only got 12K pics and almost 1K videos.... My laptop I faithfully back up to is also... Overflowing. So, brace yourselves... I'll be sharing more pics of past and present on... Continue Reading →

Six girls six years ago June 2016

My six girls; six years ago 🙂 This is Laura Ingalls Wilder birthplace (I think?) but what I remember most is driving through the tears and laughter as we listened to Hamilton, the Musical for the first time ever. Such an odd juxtaposition; driving through the blank of extra rural South Dakota while loudly jamming... Continue Reading →

Goggles May 2018

Caramelizing onions in a new cast iron skillet; Ruby showed up to watch! Fast forward to May 2022 and she's tackled a Pumpkin Roll all by herself!! #thepossibilitarians


"Life isn't something you can really plan... You can expect things from it, but you definitely can't plan it." - Daisy, 12 May 7, 2012

Moms Day April 2016

My mom is the greatest! She loves the beach, she loves making new friends, and she loves to see us girls happy. I'm sooooo thankful for her wisdom and bravery. We wouldn't be doing this trip if it wasn't for her courage. To the strongest, most compassionate and prepared person I know!! I love you... Continue Reading →

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