Never say Never

The Possibilitarians are on the move; a different kind of move.... into a house! Remember when I said we sold “everything but the kids!” Apparently, I lied... we sold everything except for the stuff that would make me cry when I saw it again almost six years later... I’ve opened six bins today; shuffled around... Continue Reading →

Buddha Baby

Sharing a memory from October 2011... Something happened to all of our cameras at the beach, but doesn't this have a timeless (or maybe just a 70s' ??) look to it?? She's our buddah baby 🙂

Ruby kisses

Ruby kissing Grandma lots!! A sweet memory from Thanksgiving at my brothers house in 2015. Ruby kept kissing her and she grandma reacted bigger and bigger reactions! Then Ruby would giggle and giggle!!! A couple of years later Ruby was smooshing a good night kiss on my cheek and just stayed (stuck) there saying through... Continue Reading →


We’ve been celebrating our FIVE Year Nomadiversary all week long... but today is the day we pulled out of the driveway with our trusty home we got a week before yet quickly jackknifed upon our exit! I have a billion photos and videos I want compile to commemorate; but I’ve just not been in a... Continue Reading →

Nineteen Minutes of 2019

I really enjoy the One Second Everyday videos, but it's just not enough time to document our days! Every day isn't 'amazing' but everyday is real and I don't want to take any of it for granted!! So with gratefulness, I've documented some of our highlights of the past year. The link is to the... Continue Reading →

New Year, New Rig!!

It’s been exactly two months, but it feels like home! We are so glad to have the more solid space, extra room, excessive storage by comparison, and still keep the favorite features of our old rig. The truck is a dream; we can’t keep Ruby out of it! Before setting up but after her wash!!... Continue Reading →

Christmas with Cheryl 2019

Wrapping up a sweet week with two sweeties!!! Angel came to help me keep Auntie Cheryl company as she’s recovering from her knee upgrade. 😉 The three of us have have laughed, cried, movied, sunsetted and sang... together. 😉 Cheryl is a tough cookie, sweet and salty, funny and sunny! Such a trooper as she’s... Continue Reading →

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