The Possibilitarians

December 2017 #thepossibilitarians Always. 💗 This picture was our last family photo taken the day before Kayla moved out to Kansas City. Santa Cruz Mountains December 2017 It brings up such an array of mixed emotions. I'll always be a Possibilitarian. Love will always remain. After many changes, miles, years and tears... the gang got... Continue Reading →

Angel the Loved

Angel: The Quiet Cookie Monster The fourth of our six daughters; do not let her soft spoken manner fool you... she IS full of opinion. She usually just waits until you ask for it... unless it's regarding cookies. If cookies or sweets are involved; we all know what she's focused on! Angel's heart is full... Continue Reading →

Past, Present and Future

This guy... changed my life; only for the better... in all of the ways.... twenty five years ago today, we first met. Christopher, thank you for this lovely life!! 💗


"There is no chance, no destiny, no fate, Can circumvent or hinder or control The firm resolve of a determined soul." -Ella Wheeler Wilcox #thepossibilitarians

Ruby’s Wish

Q: "What would you love to see raining from the sky?" Before answering, Ruby asks, "Kayla, how do you spell opportunity?" A: I'd like to see opportunity (to make the world a better place) and Birthdays rain from the sky."--Ruby; age 7 I’d like to share this again with more context... our decision to hit... Continue Reading →

High Waters So Slow

Narrows of the Harpeth State Park Spring in Tennessee brings wonderful buds and blooms, storms and flooding streams. This year we were largely unaffected but our hearts go out to those who have lives lost or suffered property damage. We remain grateful for all that we have; especially each other. 💗

Best Friend Ever

The problem with being a “words” person (that struggles with perfection) is that there ARE no words to describe the depth of what I feel for this man... We are grateful for him every day; but today we celebrate him only a fraction of what he deserves. 💗 Christopher 💗 From Kayla, Feb 2016 Today... Continue Reading →

Herb Baked Eggs

Are four eggs too many for one person? Asking for a friend... Confession: the last time I made these Herb Baked Eggs it was a partial fail! I knew it could be awesome because I’ve done it before... but the kids just couldn’t get over the ‘fail’ last time so they all politely declined today...... Continue Reading →


Ruby doesn't need much snow to make a lot of Magic! The first snow the girls were out of town, so she saved them some snow in the freezer 😉 but wanted to make sure she saw everyone before they melted. (The Land Leftovers) The next snow was not much; just enough to stick to... Continue Reading →

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