Favorite Green Salad

We should have this salad every day; and it's one that's so good you actually COULD have it daily!! To make it easier to have more often, I keep a mason jar of prepped romaine, and a separate bowl of the veggies and herbs. When I get ready to serve it is when I toss... Continue Reading →

Meow Wolf In Santa Fe, NM

There really are no adequate words to describe this place. It's more than an interactive art exhibit... it's a fantasy land with a theme if you want to find it. It's a storyline playground for people of all ages and stimulates every sense; often at the same time! It's so creative it teaches to you... Continue Reading →

Tire Troubles

We had a little excitement this weekend; what could have been a very dangerous situation turned out to be as gentle on us as possible. These things happen when you live on the road... but at the time they feel quite dramatic and disruptive. We were rolling right along about two hours into our trip,... Continue Reading →

Cumberland Island, April 2019

Melody played a Melody!! A friend posted today about the trends in musical instruments and our culture... he’s right that a real piano without a demo key is becoming rare. It reminded me that I never shared this video of Melody. They asked who wanted to play the near 200 year old piano at “Carnegie... Continue Reading →

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