Truly Speechless!!

I wish I was better at words... and I'm even a 'words' girl on many levels... But this weekend I was honestly, SPEECHLESS! My girls threw a surprise party for me, and I was SO surprised I think it qualified as pure shock! Like, car-accident-I-can't-believe-this-is-happening SHOCK! And then tears.... I'm in awe of the joy... Continue Reading →

Perfect Blend January 2018

Best words from my Melody (17yo) today; I took as a huge compliment... she said “it’s like Dad is the Y axis and you are the X axis and we are the Z axis!” We were talking about being opposites; that we’re really not opposite at all; and the kids are a perfect blend! 😉... Continue Reading →

Try something NEW

January 9, 2015 When is the last time you tried something NEW? This has been a season of many new things for me... Most luxurious? Bamboo Sheets Can't believe I've never tried? Cherry Icee at the movies Can't believe I kind of like? Sardines (crazy that I FINALLY tried these y'all!) Feels like a new... Continue Reading →


This is one of my absolute favorite beach memories!! The first time all of the girls could experience the beach. There was sooo much energy between the excitement and the storm brewing in the background... this photo captures a fraction of the fluid flow and wild excitement!!! These were the best of times... Fernandina Beach,... Continue Reading →

Party on the Bus December 2014

What a FUN way to buzz (BUS!) around town looking at Christmas lights, hanging with and making new friends!! We had a GREAT time, despite Ruby looking shy in the photo below.. her first time ever on a bus.... for most of my gals! Thank you Linda Sue Simmons Runyeon for making room for us... Continue Reading →

To be grateful…

QOTD: “To be grateful fills you with greatness.” Ruby, age 9 (Nov 2017) Location: Maybe near Klamath, CA. Weird sky from fires and smoke, covering the sun. This is my religion:

Balance and Vision

True; but... I feel like the past is important; and how we use and learn our experience helps us focus on our vision for the future. Don’t allow what’s happened in the past hold you back or trap you into a place that keeps you from your future. #thepossibilitarians

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