Joshua Tree December 2017

Joshua Tree National Park #thepossibilitarians

Overlook of Coachella Valley

This is a “Hey, girls look at me for a second!” moment…

Classic… Joshua Tree

I still call her Medowy!!! 🎶

The dead trees feed the next generation tree; and that generation is protecting yet the third to rise up and takes its place in the circle of life.

Rock climbers.

He fits right in… 😉

I think we are going on Tuesday. Any tips/advice/etc.???

Give yourself lots of time; the kids wanted to stop more than our driver Dad did. LOL Also, I make sure we have lots of fuel (both in the gas tank and in form of snacks and water) before we enter big parks like that! (We almost didn’t make it out of Mount St Helens last summer!! 😳)

Don’t miss the viewpoint over Coachella Valley; you can see Palm Springs from there!!

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