Oklahoma City, was better than OK! May 2017

I forgot to post about our week in Oklahoma City. Glad we were able to avoid the storms this year! We had a good day at the Oklahoma Science Museum; I thought the Segway rides were cool!

The highlight of our week was the Museum of Osteology! I’ve never been to a place like that before!! For an extra $1, we had two one on one ‘Educational Programs’ that brought the study of bones to life for all of us! I share more details about it on our blog (that I’m trying to revive!) 😉 #thepossibilitarians

Museum of Osteology, Oklahoma City, OK

Even the Scavenger Hunt was fun and challenging!!! 40′ Humpback Whale hanging from the ceiling… it was awesome!

They had to identify their animal from a single bone and determine what happened to it (injury or disease) AND if the animal survived the injury or not!

Her animal with a bite in its skull; and they ccould identify the attacking animal!

Serious learning happening!! I learned SO much!

Gunshot in a shoulder blade (I think?!) Ask Ruby, she remembers everything!!

We had the theater to ourselves for Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol 2!

Melody always finds a way to stay busy!

Cut strips from a tshirt and then macrame’d a jar holder!

Ruby got her license!

A license for Cherry Lynn, also!

Daisy loved the Sand wheel for hours!


More sand and physics!

A rare picture of them all together! I try not to bug them!

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