Best Friend Ever

The problem with being a “words” person (that struggles with perfection) is that there ARE no words to describe the depth of what I feel for this man... We are grateful for him every day; but today we celebrate him only a fraction of what he deserves. 💗 Christopher 💗 From Kayla, Feb 2016 Today... Continue Reading →

Herb Baked Eggs

Are four eggs too many for one person? Asking for a friend... Confession: the last time I made these Herb Baked Eggs it was a partial fail! I knew it could be awesome because I’ve done it before... but the kids just couldn’t get over the ‘fail’ last time so they all politely declined today...... Continue Reading →


Ruby doesn't need much snow to make a lot of Magic! The first snow the girls were out of town, so she saved them some snow in the freezer 😉 but wanted to make sure she saw everyone before they melted. (The Land Leftovers) The next snow was not much; just enough to stick to... Continue Reading →

Never say Never

The Possibilitarians are on the move; a different kind of move.... into a house! Remember when I said we sold “everything but the kids!” Apparently, I lied... we sold everything except for the stuff that would make me cry when I saw it again almost six years later... I’ve opened six bins today; shuffled around... Continue Reading →

Buddha Baby

Sharing a memory from October 2011... Something happened to all of our cameras at the beach, but doesn't this have a timeless (or maybe just a 70s' ??) look to it?? She's our buddah baby 🙂

Ruby kisses

Ruby kissing Grandma lots!! A sweet memory from Thanksgiving at my brothers house in 2015. Ruby kept kissing her and she grandma reacted bigger and bigger reactions! Then Ruby would giggle and giggle!!! A couple of years later Ruby was smooshing a good night kiss on my cheek and just stayed (stuck) there saying through... Continue Reading →

Up in the Air October 2020

I’ve got a lot on my mind because we have a lot up in the air. Chris’ job let his entire department go this month; it was a shock. The job hunt feels slow, the time feels like it’s going fast... Winter is coming; and I have multiple flow charts floating around in my mind.... Continue Reading →

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