This is one of my absolute favorite beach memories!! The first time all of the girls could experience the beach. There was sooo much energy between the excitement and the storm brewing in the background… this photo captures a fraction of the fluid flow and wild excitement!!! These were the best of times…

Fernandina Beach, FL hosted by Auntie Cheryl, October 2011 She made magical memories for us! She inspired our travels… #thepossibilitarians

We love the beach because we can see as FAR as we can see… run as FAST as we want… be as LOUD as we can… and PONDER without the distractions and deep as we have the time… I love this photo of baby Ruby watching and contemplating the SHEER JOY in all of her sisters… I may not move like they do… but I sure FEEL like they do on many a day! 2011

THIS! Was one of the first pictures (I think) that I put on facebook… and it really brings back the emotions of that moment, that day, that visit!!! Our first time to this beach, and little did we know that it would start our true first family tradition and eventually GREATLY influenced our decision to become more mobile! 🙂 … Coming to a beach near you! 🙂 2016

This will always be a very favorite picture! Our first time with ALL of us at the beach… I could write a book about what this single photograph represents to me. 2017

This is one of my FAVORITE photos, ever. #thepossibilitarians

I’m still, ever so grateful, to Auntie Cheryl, for sharing her love, joy and time with all of us!! 2018

THIS is one of my favorite all time memories. Eight years ago… all of my babes were still babies. It was our first family experience at the beach; it was October 2011…and maybe the start of our love for travel!!! 💗 #thepossibilitarians

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