Try something NEW

January 9, 2015

When is the last time you tried something NEW? This has been a season of many new things for me…

Most luxurious? Bamboo Sheets

Can’t believe I’ve never tried? Cherry Icee at the movies

Can’t believe I kind of like? Sardines (crazy that I FINALLY tried these y’all!)

Feels like a new car? iPhone 6+ 128… “go big or go home’ I heard myself say

Perfect when I’m indecisive? Dunkaccino

Most comfortable? Booties (Only I had to ask ‘what’s a bootie?)

Most earthy crunchy? Dandy Blend (A healthy blend of dandelion, chickory and beet root with barley and rye. SHOCKINGLY good! Check it out.

What should I try next!??

YES Denise M! I’m really in the mood for more new things… lay it on me! I’m on the edge of something radical and makeover-ish !! Maryanne I don’t know WHY they don’t call them ‘ankle boots’… kids must be running the marketing these days… 😉

January 9, 2022

Hindsight… I still love bamboo sheets; on our third or fourth set by now! My bones must have known something NEW and very different was going to happen later that year. I had no idea… but my body knew!

Random QOTD:

My six yr old sweetie (Cherry Lynn) was concerned this morning. “Mom, there’s something wierd going on. The sun didn’t come up today” (rain clouds… that should be snow clouds if it wasn’t 56 degrees) she said “something is wrong”

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