Travel Troubles August 2015

Continuing my series of Shout Outs!!

Shout Out to Debbie Corlew

Did you know that we jackknifed our rig on day ONE… Pulling out of our driveway? Not even five minutes into our epic trip and we were stuck. My husband is good at getting unstuck… 🙂 so the journey continued.

Sometimes he needs help getting out of a pickle. After 2 1/2 hours of white knuckle driving… towing the 37ft travel trailer down the interstate, we made our first stop. The girls discovered they like ‘truck stop food’ and Chris discovered he didn’t have his wallet. [enter sound effect of Pac Man getting eaten by the ghost]

Even though it’s covered with superheroes and glitter…. Yes, glitter. He needed help getting it out of the overalls stuffed in the top of the closet at the house we were trying to leave.

Debbie Corlew is our superhero. She came to our rescue by mailing it to us right away. She checked on our house when we were away; she was available to show it for us in our stead…

I couldn’t list all of the ways she’s been a great friend… but I’m also glad she recommended Taekwondo to us a couple of years ago. Another humdinger decision for us as a family.

So this is a Shout Out to my superhero friend, Debbie Martin Corlew!

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