Auntie Cheryl Love

Shout Out: to my Auntie Cheryl… She taught us “Island Time”!! Sharing her vacation time and inviting us to the beach (for six years!) has been life changing for us; it influenced our desire for simple living to enjoy TIME TOGETHER even more.

We call her many things… My girls call her MAGIC because she makes things happen and they treasure their annual PJ Parties!

I call her FUN; she’s the first to grab your hand and draw you in to dancing with her in the kitchen or living room or wherever when a peppy song comes on. Loves to laugh!

Anyone would call her REAL because she shares what she learns from her experiences; the good and the bad. Usually she shares it with a laugh. 😉

She’s SELFLESS, always sharing, always considerate, always seeing the bright side. A great encourager to others… She touches many lives.

Sometimes we call her Auntie-Grandma 😉

I call her GENUINE and LOVED!! Thank you for being you, Auntie Cheryl!!

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