Birthday Day Daisy

Daisy and I got to spend a special day together today…. All day!!! On our way home, I decided to approach a neighbor, introduce ourselves… and ask if we could take pictures of her magnificent horse we only got a glimpse of from the road.

Not only did it MAKE Daisy’s day to get to have some sweet time with an amazing creature; we made a new friend!! Donna Walker Travis is a DARLING and a sweet soul as well!!!

We are very grateful!!

Daisy and Gabriel; bonding.

I don’t know who enjoyed this attention more!!

Sweet Donna and her Gabriel; check out the smile in a Caesar!!

Gabriel was so chill… Daisy learned how to groom the feather on his feet.

Zen moments… sweet to watch.

He kept YAWNING!!! Like ten times or more! I kept waiting for him to talk!!

Pretty horse in a pretty place! He loved to have his picture taken!!

February 2016

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