Launch 2.0

So, we feel like we’ve got a good handle on our family of 8 living in 350sq ft now. Our house didn’t sell; but turns out, renting it allows us to continue our travels. Tomorrow we continue!!

The destination is Colorado for May and June; Mt Rushmore and Mackinac Island and Michigan for the rest of the summer… But first stop? Mom’s house 😉

Here’s a recap of our time here!


Last, but not least, Emily and Tom were icing on the cake!!!!

Ruby and three day old puppy!

One of our FAVORITE families!!

Watching cartoons!!

Baby Face!!

Serious about Spider-Man Monopoly!!

Sun rises so fast!!

Air dry sculpture

Daisy made a bonsai!

Rebekah has THE BEST games!

I love me some Linda Sue and Holly!!!

Houseful of Wii!!

Rebecca had us over for an afternoon of food and fun! This chicken cracked me up!

Party!!! It always is with 15+ folks hanging out… We fit pretty well!!!

Jennifer has a darling family; we can’t get enough of them!!

Daisy took this cool pic of Melody through the water glass…

Melody’s MasterPiece !

My other girls gang!!

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