Unplugging to Reconnect April 2016

Unplugging to reconnect. We’ve spent a week in five states in the past five weeks; and have enjoyed reconnecting with friends and family. MS with mom for two ;), TN was a beautiful week with Camille, in TX we visited with Angie, Margaret and Bob, Mary Kate, and Alissa, in OK we met up with TN friends that have been long since pen pals. Tonight we rest in KS, and tomorrow we cross over into Colorado…. For a month 😉 Whew!!

Check out this giant (2,700 lb!) Amethyst geode at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Dallas, TX

Lake Lavon, TX

LOOK at Ruby’s face as Cherry Lynn is opening the 2700 lb amethyst geode!!

Our gem Margaret was showing and sharing her gemstones and geodes with us! It was awesome!

Besties right quick! We also got to have a lunch date with Alissa at the Meddlesome Moth!

Bob played the piano for us!! Rhapsody in Blue 😉 Melody played her heart out as well!

(Not my photo) but this was the typical size in that crazy hailstorm!

(Not my photo) This was Wylie, TX the next day…

Hailed through the fence!

Through our Van window…

Ruby… Always in the middle! We love Mary Kate!

This family knows how to make us feel welcome, loved, and kept us full of good eats!! Margaret, Angie and Tom

Dang you Angie for introducing us to this incredible cake place!!! Nothing BUNDT!!

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