Sunset Surprises and Mountains Shock April 2016

I’m. In. Love!!!! How can I love the mountains as much as I love the beach?! In our trusty van we climbed 5400 feet today!! In a matter of hours… I’m amazed! After we unhitched; we drove on up to Divide, CO. Is that really part of the continental divide?! Whoa!! #thepossibilitarians

This is our first Colorado sunset!! Beautiful, isn’t it??! We thought so… until…

So we settled in not long before sunset after a long travel day. The wind kicked up that night and it was by far our windiest night to date in the RV. It was rocking like a boat all night!! In the morning we were in for a big surprise! We woke up to the winds of change. Turns out, between us and our beautiful sunset was a [pause for dramatic effect] … a disgusting cattle feed lot!!! The smell of a feed lot is nothing like regular animals; it’s death. It reeks with a smell that gets stuck in your brain even when you leave and try to wipe the smell off of your tongue!! I can’t even begin to describe it!!

But I can tell you that we have NEVER moved so fast getting jacks up, unhooked, hitched up and OUT of there!!! A combination of of that horrifying smell and the pride of teamwork for our fast exit is what I think of when I see this photo… our first (of many!) Colorado sunsets.

Starting elevation this morning…

We were AMAZED we could see the mountains 100 miles away! Now we are at the base of them! I remember the collective GASP of us in the van when we realized it was not clouds we were seeing in the horizon but the mountains!! I live for those moments; for sharing those moments together!!! Really, it was 100 miles away!!!

We drove up here to Divide, CO just because we could… After we got settled in our Colorado Springs spot that wasn’t; they created it just for us I guess. It wasn’t on the map!. Spot so tight it took us an HOUR to get positioned (ie: squeezed) in here just right!! Garden if the Gods resort for a month; our van got hit at least once…

But it was our home base as we explored and enjoyed Colorado Springs.

April 2016

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