Photo Gallery Washington DC September 2016

With friends at George Washington birthplace. Jr Ranger program is always more fun with the Brewers!! Rachel!!

This girl in the light…

This girl and her camera below the magnificent tree; still at George Washington’s birthplace.

This is a historic spot; but I have my own history here as well.

Even her camera matches her shoes… Oh to be 19 😊

World War II Memorial is big and beautiful!!

Grand opening the DAY before we arrived; the new African Cultural Center

Lincoln’s Waffles; of course is where you eat between visiting Fords Theater and the Peterson House…

Angel was so impressed that this tower, too large for me to capture in one shot, represents all the books specifically related to Abraham Lincoln’s life!

Five stories tall of Abe Lincoln books!!!

Next stop: The U.S. Capital

The art and architecture is amazing!

Interested in studying more of this!

‘Hamilton Fangirls’

Last stop: The Library of Congress. Is there EVER enough time in such a place??!

It’s beautiful; a wedding was being photographed behind us!

Library of Congress is beautiful inside and out!!

Today was mostly about Lincoln in the Washington, District of Columbia

One of the newest memorials, WWII

Wiped OUT!!

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