October in Tennessee, 2016

October has been another beautiful month for us! Friends say we brought Florida weather with us to Tennessee; but it was freezing by the time we left… A time of catching up and closure, pumpkins, cray fish, campfires and the corn box!!

Thank you, friends, for the fun and memories! Let’s do it again!!

Our favorite front porch!!

The Corn Box at Honeysuckle Hills

So much fun; even watching was fun!

Donuts from Miss Donna!

My Melody

Where there are Woffords, there are smiles and chess!!

Look!! These ladies are absolute GEMS in my circle of friends!! I love Linda Sue and Rowena!!

We got to spend the day at the park together! Full of fire trucks and sirens (nearby emergency) our spirits couldn’t be dampened; happy to be together!

Hair party!

Maggie joining in the hair party fun!

Expect the unexpected!! Especially from crazy Emily!

Our first pumpkin carving party with Camille!! She’s FOUR already!

Darling Marilyn Whitehead Fair somehow got Chris to bowl for a turkey onstage! So funny

Chris makes me laugh more than anyone!! He’s squeezing in to CHERRY LYNNS jean jacket!! I can’t believe he didn’t get stuck! Hanging out at Montgomery Bell with the Logsdon family!

We love the Gales; and this baby Bridgett!!!!

Corey is our dear friend we get to see in more places than one!!

Florida bound!

What’s cuter than kids on a fence?!


New beginnings all around!! Welcome party!

Honeysuckle Hills Harvest Fun!! Alyssa shared every ONE of her thin Oreos with us!! I owe you one, girl!!

They took care of me; my knees were feeling old but our visit made my heart light!!! ❤️. We never get enough time with Ari!!


New friends and old friends 😉

New friends that taught how to catch craw dads, cray fish or craw fish.. Fun no matter what you call them! Right, Owen?

Cindy, THIS was a good day!!

Kayla famous tree picture! So high!!

We missed FALL!!!!!

Shannon and Paxton came to camp out!! Late night fire and hot chocolate!

As I look back on this friend filled post… I am amazed and blessed at the rich number of friends and good times

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