January 2017 Update

Jacobs January update! Of course it’s nice being in great Florida weather… but being with friends we’ve made over the past year and a half, from all over the country is an AMAZING reunion!!

Adding new friends and bonding with older friends… is the highlight of our month!

A few firsts: we rang in the new year all together; I got some real color in my hair; Daisy found hundreds of sharks teeth and other fossils in the river; we had over fifteen teens happily crowd in to watch movies; Ruby learned to do underwater handstands; new tires for the rig; Cherry Lynn fell in love with the Native American flute; I went on a field trip with my friends (no kids! I have a new favorite tree… the Banyan tree!); the kids spent hours hanging out making music in a circle jam; and we learned to rely on our instincts even more. All is well; but everyone grew up a lot this month!!


I know this just looks like a mess of a kitchen; but actually it’s our only tradition of Fondue on New Years!! It’s a Happy New Year mess!!!

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