Making Memories in Moab May 2017

Original post and photos by D.Setzer

It’s Now or Never For The Setzers

We got into Moab on Saturday afternoon. On Sunday, we went to an Arts festival and afterwards went for ice cream and cupcakes.

Today, I had us all to hike to Corona Arch. It was a short 1.5-ish mile hike (each way) that was all uphill getting there. The guide says there was 560′ of elevation change. For a bunch of non-hikers, us and the Jacobs did awesome! The hike was awesome and views were absolutely amazing. It reminds me of every last part/reason why we loved Moab so much.

Afterwards, we stopped and checked out Indian petroglyphs and pictographs on the rock wall along road + Colorado River. It’s amazing to try and decipher the story they’re trying to tell. All told, we had a wonderful day in Moab with friends.


Corona Arch (aka Double Rainbow arch)

Looking up- as we laid and sat and rested, you could watch the passing of time as the sun move across the ground below the arch.

Bow tie arch

Our hiking crew! Everyone did some- everyone did awesome.

Hey kids, don’t play on train tracks… but DO pose for this picture that Chris had the idea for!

Sisters from different Misters (and Mommas).

The hike

This is where we lost a bit more of our group- you had to climb up the rock wall using the moki steps (foot and hand holds cut into the rock face) and the cable. Above this was more UP and then a ladder and more UP…

The ladder

Panorama view from our shade hideout

I’ll admit, I laid down to catch my breath.

So much love for Logan- everyone treats him so kind

Rock towers by tourists

It doesn’t seem like a hot day until he sheds his shirt!

Later, we made a u-turn to spend some time checking out some ancient drawings

We tried to decipher the stories…

May 30, 2017

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