April 2017

We spent the rest of spring in Missouri near family; a classic Easter weekend with Grandma and Grandpa. Hanging around in hammocks until the Hackers came and spent a week. Campfires to Chipotle to Costco to Kaleidoscope… (and Powell Gardens) we introduced them to our beloved Kansas City.

They remarked how much the rural terrain was so much like their Canadian home and even the city reminded them of Toronto.

Their visit overlapped with our trailer going in the shop. That was a weird wrinkle of logistics; but all ended well!

We wrapped up our KC time just chilling out with family and friends! Loved our time with y’all!! #thepossibilitarians


Chris and a bubble gun… he’s a fierce warrior!

Taura!! So much love for you!! Glad we got to visit!!


Jacobs plus the Cynthia Hacker kiddos is a bunch of pretty!!! plus Wesley!

We ALL love Wesley!!! �

Harmonizing with the Emma-lee Cynthia (Hacker)s!!

Best friends!

Also best friends!!

We introduced them to Chocolate Gravy!!!

Wesley created an experiment; the dads kicked it up a notch!!

This flower baby!!

Kaleidoscope is a wonderland of color and creativity!!

Chris!! Was super silly that day!

Melody’s sad; it’s hard to say goodbye to best friends!

Jim and Lorie are the greatest at sharing BBQ! Thank you!!!

Poker; the next generation. #lifeskills

Union Station, Kansas City. I can imagine this place bustling years ago!

Science City!! Go there!

I love this pic because the air blasted the rocket up; everyone is tracking it… but I shot the pic before Cherry Lynn figured out it fired!! Lol

The spinning disc with lots of rolling items! They stayed here for almost 20minutes!!

The sun sets on Lake Paradise closing our lovely, memory filled season here!!

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