When Friends Are Family, Moab, UT June 2017

All of the things I love to do…I love to travel, explore AND spend quality time with friends! This week has been perfectly full of all of that!!

Moab, UT is where we will explore for a month. It’s the hottest weather we’ve been in since the Badlands; but it’s true… 10% humidity feels less humid than Tennessee, but I still climb into the shade every chance I get! For comparison, Moab gets about 10 inches of rain a year! But that doesn’t detract from the epic beauty of this landscape! Every site is so diverse from each other to be so close in location.

This week, we’ve been able to visit everything from National Parks to the local watershed! #thepossibilitarians

My favorite scene; no matter the backdrop.

Take time…

It’s so vast…

This is ‘only’ a State Park! Dead Horse Point State Park; but you can see the two day trails that go into the Canyonlands National Park.

This kids and dads got closer to this Arch than I did; Mesa Arch, Canyonlands.

Melody felt right at home at Harmony Park. It was an entire playground of large scale musical instruments you could play!

She was ‘silencing’ them!

Cherry Lynn used every mallet on every instrument there!!!

We haven’t even TOUCHED on the dinosaur activity and history around here! Yet!!

So rich in history; there are petroglyphs on the side of the road… literally. Zoom in; but the scale is large!

On the way to Corona Arch.

Best friends!

Victory shot!! At Corona Arch; the sun was directly above!


More petroglyphs that fascinate me!

My first time at a rodeo; I was shocked at how much fun it was!!!

It’s soooo scenic here in Moab!!

Icing on the cake; this sweet family has become like family to us!!! All of this fun and exploring is richer when it’s shared!!

They took a cool dip in the lake; emphasis on COOL!!

Odd and interesting!

It’s possible that every outing eventually includes ice cream!

Jumping girl… always and again!

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