Kayla and Kansas City Dec 2017

…and so it begins. So I really thought I was done crying about it. Kayla is

Y’all I can’t even finish that sentence.

So, in a month, Kansas City will gain a true darling. I’m hanging my hat on these words… our memories…her future…a gift that life has given to me… She’s spreading her wings a wide as her joy!!!

We will always be connected 💕


My Possibilitarian 😘 (San Francisco, CA)


Stay true.

We love you! Florence, OR


Thank you for being my baby!

My baby on her 20th birthday!!! It snowed! Lake Tahoe, CA/NV

Look at these little loves!!!! Lee’s Summit, MO

Beauties. Ft Lauderdale, FL

It makes me feel so good and gives me such hope to know that you and Chris have given the planet 6 incredibly beautiful human beings to carry on the legacy of the Possibilitarians. In the house that Jack built. 😊❤️️👏👏👏❤️️😌 Kelli Workman

I love this photo Kelli took! Superwoman! Near Cambria, CA

You are. You do. You will.

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