The Sphere of Life

I used to think that life was so linear… beginning, middle and end.  Of course, somewhere in the middle I learned that there is much is the middle and it’s all wrapped in something eternal.

That led me to outgrow the linear thought and led to a circular thought.  Perhaps there IS no beginning and no end… which means all of life is in the middle.  In my life, I’ve had the honor to have six daughters completely fill my middle.  They’re so dynamic and our life is SO dimensional, my circular thought has expanded to recognize that if everything really does touch EVERYTHING then surely life is SPHERICAL.

Everything about me is still forming, and so is this blog.  Our fulltime travelling lifestyle requires us to be fluid; so I confess in advance that this blog will flow in many directions.  Whether it goes North, South, East or West, near or far… it will reflect the ups and downs of how we, The Possibilitarians, roll. Literally.

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