Had to go Through it April 2018

Calling on my friends; I’m in a weird place. California is wonderful and weird… but we are leaving here tomorrow. 😉 In an unexpected change of plans; two of my babes are not leaving with us as they’re doing what young adults do…grow up and ‘leave the nest’. Kayla left Tuesday and Daisy left for a two month internship on the ranch of her dreams… today. So, I’m trying not to be dramatic…but this is all a very big deal to me and to us. I don’t know if I’m updating y’all or reaching out for me…


Daisy with her first Farrier lesson!

All the kids with all of the baby kitties!

Farewell, Daisy!!! See you in two months!! 💗😘

Chris photobombing my crying goodbye!

2022 Update: looking back. This has been the hardest season of my life up to this point. We want to encourage them to follow their dreams; and everyone has to pay their dues the hard way… but this was just EXTRA hard on me.

I wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do; but I felt like I’d be holding her back if we didn’t let her go.

The location itself was dreamy; the estate of Thomas Kincaids five hundred-ish acre(?) Ranch; but her living quarters was a very dilapidated mobile home.

Hindsight: it was too early for her to move out for good.

The Universe tried to tell us… we had an earthquake (our first!) earlier that week… then upon leaving her at the farm we had with hardest twenty mile stretch of UNMAINTAINED ROAD named J1. Steep, curvy, and maybe thirty one lane bridges. One of those situations you couldn’t turn around. No signal there so we had no idea how long are trek was through.

But we just had to go THROUGH it. It was almost twenty five miles of white knuckle driving fearing falling off the side of the mountain.

As such is life!

There was a point up high we had to pull over just to BREATHE for a second. We were rewarded with an amazing view… but clouded by the fact we just left our baby with strangers… on a remote farm; with little cell signal and no transportation of her own.

Wanting to turn back… but we couldn’t.

So very hard.

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