Daisy puts the Miss in Mississippi

Driving [away from] Miss Daisy

My notes I took in the van as we were emotional pulling out of Moms neighborhood:

Things we left behind: Bisi, old and new Friends, Daisy, another van hubcap missing, and need-gills-to-breathe-humidity

Things we picked up: a strong southern accent and even stronger new friends

After being in the West for over a year, we were missing our Mississippi family! My mom and I have always been close, no matter how far apart we were… but that one was a doozy!  We had a great few weeks staying right down the road, I could still be in her backyard for early morning coffee! The kids spent almost every night there making up for lost time and making memories with the Grandma that I’ve always dreamed of.  Daisy flew in, fully homesick for green grass and trees! The next ten nights became a solid sleepover of sisters also making up for time that she was at the ranch in California.  It was so fun to set up her new room, as she unpacked her collections from all over the country, decorating and dreaming… The girl is spreading her wings and setting up roots simultaneously.

There is a beautiful symbiotic relationship forming between Mom, Daisy and Bisi all benefitting from taking care of each other…it’s beautiful!  Daisy has a solid plan and strong desire to make it happen. She and Mom make a great team of company and support for each other and Bisi there is like leaving a little bit of home with Daisy.

Bisi is aging and just needed to retire from fulltime RV living… he’s in paradise with a Buddy (Moms dog) to maintain his Alpha status, a large, lush, fenced yard to run together, and a doggie door he can go in and out anytime he wants!!


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