The Punch Brothers, Kansas City, MO September 2018

Sometimes you get a surprise that you saw coming but didn’t expect. Daisy taught me the genius that is Chris Thile when she started learning Mandolin. He is in a group I am less familiar with called the Punch Brothers and my wife and I went to the show tonight at the amazing Kauffman Center! Maybe it is because I play an instrument and know many people who also play instruments, but this show blew me completely away. I am in awe of the complete mastery to the point of creating a new genre of music. The end of the encore, they unplugged all the microphones and equipment and just stepped forward and played pure music like I have not heard live before. We were less than 20 feet from them in front. I am glad to share my life and these experiences with Dawn who met me just a couple miles from here 23 years two months and two days ago. ❤️😎

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