Places, Spaces and Happy Faces September 2019

It took us four travel days in a row; but we made it to Santa Fe for the week! Interesting spaces on the way…(little did we know the more interesting places New Mexico had to offer!) #thepossibilitarians

Christopher; is there ANY thing he’s not good at?? Parallel parking a 38ft Travel Trailer with a 15 passenger van… on a the side of a slope… also thanks to his spotters Melody and Angel! I’m no help; just a cheerleader! 🎉

Lake Afton, Goddard, KS sunrise:

We love to see family every chance we get!! These hearts are as fine as they come; even better with BBQ!! 😉

Corral Drive Inn and RV park, Guymon, OK Still shows movies all summer!! Huge, super level, nice wide sites!!

We love a drive in!! Of course 😉

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