Favorite Green Salad

We should have this salad every day; and it’s one that’s so good you actually COULD have it daily!!

To make it easier to have more often, I keep a mason jar of prepped romaine, and a separate bowl of the veggies and herbs. When I get ready to serve it is when I toss in the last two greens, spinach and kale.

Our best dressing is homemade! Garlic crushed into a paste with salt, olive oil and lemon juice… but it’s good with anything!!

We bought too many herbs to fit in my baby fridge, so I put them all in a bowl with just enough water to reach the stems… I cover them in plastic at night; and leave them in the counter! So far, so good!!

Inspired by Terry Wahl’s former Mitochondria Diet, we have dubbed this “Wahl’s Salad”.


3 C each spinach, parsley, and kale

2 C carrots

2 C romaine

1 C cucumber

Family serving for six modification: package of baby spinach kale chard blend, bag of shredded carrots, 2-3 long English cucumbers, 1-3 heads of romaine, and at least a handful of Italian leaf (preferred) or curly leaf parsley, lightly chopped.

Mix all together and lightly dress. Can add a protein of tuna, chicken, or steak.

I’m attempting to add more vegetables to our day and this has been one if the tastiest ways!

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