May in Mississippi May 2020

Melody drove me all to way to my momma in Mississippi! 🤗 What are all of these gorgeous fields of yellow?? Melody calls them “…fields of Pollen!”

My mom and I acted like teenagers; had a few drinks, then went to get pizza… then went to “The Strip” (Shiloh Rd) and turned the music up loud and waited for the rest the cool kids to come and hang out…. but they must have all been at Dollar General! 😂 No walk today/ knee resting. Good on water. #100DoD 16/100

[insert video]

Her dog was hugging Angel back!!

My baby’s driving! What are the fields of yellow?!

Dog acted like he was at a spa; like he was holding his paws to be polished while he was getting a massage (brushing!)

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