Focus August 2020

We’ve been celebrating our FIVE Year Nomadiversary all week long… but today is the day we pulled out of the driveway with our trusty home we got a week before yet quickly jackknifed upon our exit!

I have a billion photos and videos I want compile to commemorate; but I’ve just not been in a good place to do that.

This photo, taken by Cherry Lynn at appropriately named Independence Pass on the Continental Divide… it reminds me that the JOY IS IN THE JOURNEY!!

There are many high points on our travels, but there are fields of sweet memories blanketing the paths in between the mountain top moments.

May we all continue to take time to see, to focus, on the extraordinary in all things!

For those who don’t know, we’ve chosen our travel name to be The Possibilitarians. Y’all know why. 💗

#ThePossibilitarians #queenoflongsentences 🤗

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