Best Friend Ever

The problem with being a “words” person (that struggles with perfection) is that there ARE no words to describe the depth of what I feel for this man… We are grateful for him every day; but today we celebrate him only a fraction of what he deserves.

💗 Christopher 💗

From Kayla, Feb 2016

Today is my dads birthday! I sincerely can’t believe he’s turning 41 – neither can anybody else! Sometimes in the grocery store people think that Daisy is dads wife! 😂 Earlier this month when dad was taking Daisy and I to Fort Lauderdale for business, the ladies at the car rental place thought that he was our big brother! Lol

Sometimes he acts like my big brother. When we used to live in the sticks and bricks house, he used to turn the hot water off while I was showering upstairs (the hot water lever was in the laundry room downstairs), then would run and wait at the bottom of the stairs for my reaction. His excuse was that I was ‘taking too long’. Silly daddy… 😂

He is always cracking jokes or making silly sounds and faces to make us laugh, and then scrunches his face to keep from smiling but he looks angry in pictures, lol! He is so lighthearted and cute.

He plays guitar VERY well and loves Star Wars and the muppets (ask him to sing the fraggle Rock theme song for you sometime! He knows every word).

He looks badass in a leather jacket and/or converse all star shoes, but he is super picky about what he wears and you couldn’t give him a gift unless he picked it out himself.

He is also picky about what he eats. He doesn’t like any kind of pie, berry, watermelon, broccoli, or salsa. But he makes the best hummus, lemonade, Mac’n’cheese, and coconutty EVER ANYWHERE.

He’s always there for us and somehow has the answer to anything. He taught me to be humble, strong, easy going, and happy no matter the circumstances. He also taught me to crochet, and he made a special quilt for me with my NAME stitched into it! (I outgrew it and passed it to Cherry Lynn but still love it)

When I was a kid and he had to go to work every day, he would tuck me and my sisters in every night with what we called ‘prayers and drinks’. He would pass around a glass of water and start an end-of-the-day prayer then us kids would continue the prayer until the water was gone or we weren’t thirsty anymore and then he would say goodnight and close the door. Eventually I found out that if I asked him a complex question (such as ‘how do volcanos fill with lava’) then he would have to stick around a little longer to fully explain the answer.

Now I get to spend all day everyday with him on the road from place to place, and I KNOW for a FACT that we couldn’t do this without him (even if we had all the money in the world!).

I love him so much, and I’m so lucky to have him. All I want in life is to be like him when I grow up.

Happy birthday, daddy! ❤️

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