Ruby’s Wish

Q: “What would you love to see raining from the sky?”

Before answering, Ruby asks,

“Kayla, how do you spell opportunity?”

A: I’d like to see opportunity (to make the world a better place) and Birthdays rain from the sky.”–Ruby; age 7

I’d like to share this again with more context… our decision to hit the road was quick. It really was a family decision. Part of getting the kids involved was having them choose where they’d like to visit. (It still is!) Ruby was elated to choose Mt Rushmore! She cheered and beamed; and on the day we got there; about six months after we launched, she wore her nicest (we called it the ‘Wedding’) dress and she was so happy!!! This is a picture of her taking a picture of the Hall of Flags and the face of the mountain of faces 😉

After she took this picture, Kayla’s asked her this somewhat random question. Irony is a seven year old Ruby using and applying a word she asked to spell, even though this was a spoken interaction.

In the current state of our nation, I fear for the future of our children. But more so than fear, these young ones give me more faith and hope that indeed they will make the world a better place… How can we help them?

May ‘opportunity’ rain and may making the world a better place ‘reign’.

June 2016

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