Angel the Loved

Angel: The Quiet Cookie Monster

The fourth of our six daughters; do not let her soft spoken manner fool you… she IS full of opinion. She usually just waits until you ask for it… unless it’s regarding cookies. If cookies or sweets are involved; we all know what she’s focused on!

Angel’s heart is full of fun and her hands are full of service. I’m absolutely jealous of how fast she can fall asleep! She’s actually my early bird in every way… first to sleep…first to rise… She’s often the first smile I see as she brings me an expertly made, with love, cup of coffee or tea!

Never seeking the limelight, she prefers to be behind the scenes. But her sense of silly and humor keeps us all in giggles and deserves a spotlight!! She definitely gets that from her daddy! Sometimes it’s just a silly voice, and sometimes it’s her unique perspective… she catches things others miss and if she thinks it’s funny, her laugh is so genuine it makes others wonder what they missed!

She is secure for a young teen, has a hilarious imagination, an artists eye, a hard working spirit, and is joy to be around. I’m so grateful to have such an Angel in my life! 😇 💗

She helped me find the Lavender farm in Washington… love our early morning time together!

Angel the hunter/gatherer! This is the site that we could feed the small deer and the tide came up and took the girls flip flops!! The next day… one came back; we found it high in a bush!!! St Andrews State Park, Panama City Beach, FL

Any surprise that Sweet CeCe’s is one of her favorite places?? She’s redeeming her birthday present in Nashville 😉

Turning into a teen at Lakeside, Ohio Chautauqua on Lake Erie.

She outgrew all of us girls (including me!) this year that she turned thirteen!

Silly, and happy. July 4, Parade in Manistique, UPMI

Hands on learner…at the Fayette Historic Townsite UPMI July 2016

Laid back…Brownsdale, MN 2016

Laura Ingalls Wildee Museum and Birthplace in DeSmet, SD

Sightseeing Missile Museum, SD

Heading into Spearfish Canyon, SD

Painting in Colorado Springs, CO 2016

My Middles 😉 This was in Lake Leona Wylie, TX either before or after the horrendous grapefruit sized hailstorm!! April 2016

She beats me at chess almost every time!!

She found a white sharks tooth this day; in the white sand…Destin, FL December 24, 2016

Brave!! Ice Skating in Panama City, FL


Cute!! Hanging on a hundreds year old Live Oak in St Simons Island, GA

Bright! The Horton House, Jekyll Island

Playful! Museum on Jekyll


Darling. Watering hole in Branson, MO 2015

Loving! Kansas City, MO

And Loved. ❤️

Family! 2014


The middle of many; this is one of my favorites!

Angel; my young star! ⭐️.

Circa 2015-2017

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