Scrooge Sings; I Agree November 2013

Yesterday, Tomorrow, and Today

“I have seen a future full of darkness, all the darkness of my heart! At my door a world in need of kindness… All the hours and days and years I’ve wasted! All the joy and love I never tasted! All the errors of the past replaced with something strange… Give me time to change!!… I can see a future full of beauty, and my spirit starts to fly. I can change the world, yes, it’s my duty! Forgive me… let me try! I’ll spend my fortune on the ones who need me, *go where kindness and my conscience lead me,* … Let the Christmas spirit live within me, yesterday, tomorrow and today” A Christmas Carol, The Musical.

My family is thankful for the joy of this season for the first time in seven years… in part because of this upcoming performance together. Thank you to ALL of our Renaissance Players family for making this a special show, a special year for us… With much love and gratitude.

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