Me… Speechless!!

I wish I was better at words… and I’m even a ‘words’ girl on many levels… But this weekend I was honestly, SPEECHLESS! My girls threw a surprise party for me, and I was SO surprised I think it qualified as pure shock! Like, car-accident-I-can’t-believe-this-is-happening SHOCK! And then tears…. I’m in awe of the joy that they bring to me. And they brought dear friends from near and far to share in our celebrating LIFE and life TOGETHER! I’m so humbled; yet cannot be modest… I’m grateful for the blessings which I’m surrounded…

January 2014

It was a great party. So glad to have been a part of it!!

i love that! one time when i was a kid i threw a surprise party for my parents (their birthdays are about a week apart) with LOTS of help from my aunties. i remember how awesome it felt from the kid point of view. hooray for you all, and happy birthday!

That’s quite the bunch of Little Women you have there!

Oh, you did a good job with those ankle biters. They are adorable and obviously adore you. We really do need to get out for coffee …happy Birthday

You two raised some amazing girls! 🙂

Happy belated birthday Dawn!!! Your girls are so sweet what an amazing mama you are!!!!

Aw so sweet of them. You are blessed so greatly

I wish I could have been there!!!

Sweet family you have!!! By the way, Happy Birthday!! Miss you!!

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