Possibilitarian Announcement, May 2015

The origin of ThePossibilitarians; this was our announcement five years ago. Who knew that our year would turn into many 😉 as have our friends and adventures!! 💗 We continue to be grateful for our very good life. #thepossibilitarians

(The photo setting was a picnic with a dear friend; our most recent family photo at the time)

May 29, 2015

You’ve heard me say “Become a Possibilitarian!”… Anything IS possible!! Especially when your husband’s job is not location dependent and you homeschool… 😉 Taking advantage of that, our family is going to seize the opportunity and TRAVEL this year! Goodbye homeschooling, hello ROADSCHOOLING!

We are still in the planning and preparing stage; but the yard sales begin THIS week! House, car, and tons of great stuff must be sold!

Girls already have a blog to document this part of our journey; let me know below if you’d like to know when it goes online 😉

Some updates will be here, of course… Chatty Cathy just can’t help it!!

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