Stuff vs People, Round 1 June 2015

Stuff was being bossy…

…until stickers were getting slapped around everywhere… Putting up a good fight, Stuff reared its ugly head in every corner, cabinet and closet! “Hey, I thought we were friends…Don’t you love me? You can’t do this to me… ”

Stuff knew it was getting evicted and it pulled the classic move: it Gathered to create Monstrous Mountain on the front porch. Then Stuff does what it does, and revealed its alter ego: Stress.

Stuff and Stress almost had the upper hand until the Cavalry arrived! Heavy with Encouragement and Motivation with a foundation of ‘Been There, Done That…’ they joined forces with People and moved Mountains…. Literally!!

No words are clever enough to convey how grateful we are to the Wofford family for helping with the heavy lifting of stuff but also the heavier lifting of Spirit.

June 5, 2015

The first day of the yard sale we say “we sold everything but the kids.”

Stuff vs People

Round 2

Before the sun even rose, People started gathering People… Ganging up on Stuff. It’s so interesting that after years of trading dollars for Stuff, the winds of change literally showed Stuff that it really was worth the Change.

Finally, Stuff was being treated as it should be. Released with multi level thanks… Since most of it served People well AND the trade furthered the Vision of the People.

Again, thanks to the Nicci Wofford family that gathered to help kick Stuff in the Boot with coffee and donuts!

June 6, 2016

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