Mississippi Love

Another moving day; this one is tough…. Leaving my mom…

We had a beautiful spot! Tucked in tall pine trees, rolling hills, a pond that was home to friendly horses and ducks… There were free ranging chickens but my favorite was the free roaming pot belly pig, that was SURE he was a dog!!

Lots of love was packed into these two weeks!! ❤️

March 2016

This RV park is also a rescue horse ranch. Whole lot more braiding went on for the whole time!!

Three generations at sunset. This is one of my most treasured pictures of all the girls in my life!!! 💗

Ruby designed Fe Buckey Ball necklace! Buckey Balls are small powerful round magnetic balls…

Even with room to spread out they’re still close!!! 💗

Daisy was watching some training in the arena… But I see earthy crunchy things happening!

Watercolor in the woods!!

Pee-Wee the Pig , aka Wilbur and Bruce, #Pigherdsthehorses

Girls made the pavilion their playhouse; we practically had the park to ourselves!

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