Tennessee in Spring

It felt strange… To drive right past our neighborhood… But it felt lovely to be with our beloved Camille for a whole WEEK!! Last week in TN for awhile! Loved seeing lots of loved ones! March 2016

I love the Natchez Trace… I feel a story about being on a path; sometimes we are on the bridge… Sometimes we’re going under it…

Our first moments reunited with Camille!

Can you tell we fight over her? We love her sweet momma, too!

Hugs and Tickles!!!

First time we’ve ever died eggs!

Last month she was riding a horse; this month Daisy’s driving a tractor (learning), helping with the garden.

So, as a GIANT surprise to Melody, I came home with one of her best friends!! It was a great moment!!

The sunrise was spectacular and the moment… I learned it was OKAY to have a moment all to myself…

I put down the camera, savored the beauty, and now I smile thinking about that content moment to not lose it in the process of trying to capture it and share it.

I feel like I grew up a little that morning…

Same morning sunlight on our place. 🔆

Melody was watching her… Then joined her… 😴

Cherry Lynn has been begging for a haircut! So, Chris cut it!! It’s really cute!

The gang! So happy we were able to squeeze in some Wofford time!!

Another Beautiful View!!

Ending our week with pizza and an epic fire! I enjoyed it until Chris made me go in at 1:30am!

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