Pikes Peak May 2016

We had the greatest weekend!!! Family was here; first Chris’ parents made it in but had to jet back too soon… Then Lisa and Patrick got to stay a couple of days… It’s never enough!

I think Pikes Peak was the highlight… The 14,115 ft HIGHlight!!! Kathy Lee Bates was inspired to write America the Beautiful after her time at the Peak. The drive and the views were indescribably incredible!! I laughed! I cried!! It indeed, is a beautiful world!

Pictures do no justice to the views, plus “it was like standing on the wing of an airplane” according to Chris. Biting strong wind… We rushed a bit at the peak but had lots of time on the journey. 😉

View from Crystal Reservoir, Pike National Forest

We just got a kick out of this! Lisa and Pat are the CUTEST COUPLE ON PIKES PEAK!!!

Snowball fight

The hairpin turns and global views were stuck in my head… Every time I closed my eyes I saw something like this!

3/4 way up; about 30 degrees colder!

Donuts are amazing at that elevation! The girls saved 1/2 of one to see if/how it’s texture and taste changed. Melody’s conclusion: no change… But it was now cold.

We were a happy mess.

True. (Top of Pikes Peak.., after donuts, can you tell?)

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