Spearfish Canyon, SD May 2016

Time flies so quickly… I missed sharing some More South Dakota beauty; Spearfish Canyon, SD #thepossibilitarians

I lost count of how many waterfalls we saw that day!

Spearfish Canyon, SD May, 2016

It was so much more grand that these photos allow. 😉

Ruby went through a “I don’t like my picture being taken” phase… but here, she did not want her picture taken that day… At all. She was homesick for a pen pal that has never written her back…

I love this of Kayla taking a picture of Chris while he is taking a picture on his cell phone through the binoculars!!

He gets her back!!

Cherry Lynn and all this sisters were putting flowers in her hair!

Melody! The flowers matched her dress!

From Lisa: This is going to be in a Vanity Fair interview one day 😉

I could LIVE in this scenery! Can you smell the fresh air?!

I can’t find the video… but there were thousands of butterflies that they stirred up and almost floated away with!!

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