Colorado Photos May 2016

A favorite spot; Garden of the Gods

Making a dream catcher

One girl and a tree.

Then there were three…

All six plus the dog.

Sometimes the sun is just right 😉

In one day we saw black squirrels for the first time (they have giant ears!) and later we saw this white squirrel for the first time…

Can y’all tell I like the hat?

Balanced Rock; was just the beginning.

All of me loves all if you!!! ❤️

He wanted to walk through!

I’m a very happy girl.

We sat here for a good hour or more; it was fun to take pictures for others.

Ruby hugs!

My gang!

Friends take us places! Amy took us to Amy’s 😉 Free donut holes while you wait to choose from overv100 types of donuts!

I chose this picture for the coffee 😉

Melody is going a ‘100 days of hair challenge’

Bisi wants his hair done, too!

Picture of the RV when the slides are all in…

Little girl is big!

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