Our First UPMI Summer July 2016

I’m speechless; there are no words to describe how grateful I am that we get to have these experiences AND the friends that make them possible!! So here are about HALF of my pictures… More to come!

We have had the most fun summer!!

Last year, this month was probably the most stressful and just FULL of our family life, prepping for this trip! This year, this month has been relaxing, beautiful, creative, delicious, and delightful!! Full of beauty, enjoying the simple things from a campfire under a host of stars, to the kids together building a tipi village; from lighthouses to waterfalls… To beaches and boating on my new favorite Lake Superior!! Thank you Jill and Dustin for being great friends!!

Big Springs; water so clear you can see these giant springs feeding the Indian Lake.

Our first U.P. waterfall 😉

Miners Castle; from above…

Tried to get Miners Castle in the background; but we are a big group!!

Tipi village meeting!

Our amazing hosts to Denkinsville 😉

James took them fishing, Jill cooked up the fish!

The view behind the old iron company’s own, Fayette

Fayette’s furnaces


Jill Denkins is SUCH a sweetheart!!

Jayda always wins!

Grace’s Music Wall at Tipi Village

Kayla and Jenna!!

Our first and best Fourth of July parade!!

Even the time before the fireworks was beautiful!!

Busy builders!

On the water; twice as nice!

James made a seat!!

Grand Marais; I think I know why they call it grand!! Agate hunting 😉

Perfect rocks for stacking!

View from Logslide

Purple water…

Purple sky!

They match the sunset; beautiful couple!! Dustin and Jill 💗

Lake Michigan sunset

I used to love lighthouses; now I love HIM!!

I couldn’t stop saying “I can’t believe how PURPLE THE WATER is!!”

Clouds look like a blast pattern…

Tea Party with Grace and Gina!!

Fun to dress up!

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