UPMI Love July 2016

Continuing sharing our time in the Upper Peninsula! #thepossibilitarians

This is a favorite picture!

I loved the cliff on the other side of this old Company Store. Many ships have wrecked in these waters.

Lake water so clear, you can see this fish swimming with you!

Ferry and friends to Mackinaw Island

Look at their feet!

Mom! Another picture?!

Jill Denkins and Kayla Rose , photogenic and photo-genie

Also photogenic, Kayla!

Mac Island view from the fort

Fort Mackinac

Our best field trip buddies!

Look how CALM is the water!

The Arch rock on Mac Island

Worn out from all the fun; Yin and Yang are keeping each other warm!

This baby Jayda fits right in! So does Jenna!!

Grace Denkins brought us to Gulliver!

Bottom of the lighthouse…

Top of the lighthouse!

This beach was DEEP in shells!!

Kayla, Jr aka Cherry Lynn

Angel love.

This is a favorite picture!

Chris loves to share ice cream!!

A common, yet beautiful, sight!!

My beauties at the end of the rainbow!

That’s my love!

Seney National Wildlife Refuge; awesome 7 mi drive through park. Photo cred:Daisy

Another favorite picture! Photo cred: Daisy at my request 😉

We love Jenna!!!

I love to listen to the falls as much as to watch them!

Taquanmahen (Rhymes with ‘phenomenon’) Falls

Jill Denkins made a special out of her way trip to share this with us!

Chris and Daisy caught this FULL double (triple at points!) rainbow; they could see both ends, the full arc.. Notice how near it is to them… In front of the tree line!

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