Chicago Summer August 2016

A sweet week started off with meeting my Grandma’s best friend, Auntie Aggie!! What a treat!!

After our fun time with family visiting at our camping space; we went in to Chicago and spent the morning trying to find a parking spot our (8′) van could fit in downtown!! It was frustrating; and the pedestrian traffic was enough to run Chris outta there!!

Got to spend the afternoon with Lj and Patrick at the Museum of Science and Industry. I loved how some has not changed a bit; some has changed SO much! It’s all good!

Uncle Leonard and Esther sent us off with an amazing pizza dinner and I Dranoel even let me hug his neck before we left!! #thepossibilitarians

91 years of spunky and remembers every minute of it! ❤️

The Tesla coil caught their attention; I caught this pic!

Since I missed Kayla in the other shot; I went to include her…. She was busy with TWO cameras at once!

Vortex exhibit was AWESOME!

She was hugging it all around!

This place was cool!!! And LOUD!!

Chris thought it was cool to walk in to an airplane; if only there was this much legroom!

Never enough hugs!

Glad to catch up in person!!

I finally got a haircut!! South Haven Beach, MI

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