Lakeside Love, Ohio August 2016

Where am I? We are grateful to be in a loving spot full of beauty, fun, art, and love.

Bringing you up to date; our empty trailer is at the manufacturer to have warranty work and damage repaired. Our only belongings are locked up in another state. I was feeling the pressure of the unknown… Not having our house or the little stuff we have… And the timeline. If everything goes as perfectly planned: we will leave here; backtrack three hours to pick up our RV on Friday; reload and move back in… And boogie to get from IN to NY by Monday morning. Meeting friends that have jumped through international hoops to meet us before our next Rally. I need a hug.

Since we can’t be in our own home; we are glad to be here. Only thing better would be if Linda Sue and family could be here with us in person. They certainly are here in spirit!!

Thank you for opening your sacred space to be our home away from home… The calm before the hustle and bustle!!



Love this!!!


Tree so big we couldn’t even see the leaves close enough to identify!! Does anyone know what it is from the bark? It’s not an oak…


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