ColorfulCalifornia September 2016

A colorful first day in California:

A RED sun through the Redwoods!

In our case, our trusty WHITE van squeaked (still crunched a mirror!) through a Redwood trunk… I don’t know why I was shocked that the wood was actually red!! I got a very close look as we had about an inch or less on each side as we drove through!

The beach had BLACK sand; salt and pepper… heavy on the pepper…

The water had a beautiful ORANGE glow from the suns reflection.

Our site has an indescribable haze from the smoke and ashes… I cried as we were near the Chetco fire and smoke billowing…

Chris and the girls…. always the LIGHT of my eye, no matter WHERE we are!! 💗


So true that beautiful Hwy 1 does get scary!! We are going to pop inland for a bit; heading to Lotus, CA to see family and study the origins of the gold rush… then going to visit a friend in NV but we will be staying at Lake Tahoe… then to San Francisco from there.

So, hopefully we will avoid the landslide/new Cali coastline with that…

That’s funny!! No, no….they were chasing Kayla and she proved she was still faster than ALL of them!

I love this picture because it shows their ENERGY and joy!!

Never mind that it took us 7 hours to drive 199 miles today!

I only see 5! O-no! Ya lost one.

Daisy has nothing to prove… 😉

The girls are on the rocks; I was trying to catch the splash of a wave to capture their silhouette; still they look like mermaids if you squint your eyes right! 😉

Look at that thick smoke! This was about 2:00ish in the afternoon. I thought there were swarms of bugs (since we are right on the river…) but it was actually ash!!!

The MOON is as red as the sun was today!!! It’s wild!!!

This is the back of our camper; right in the Klamath River… and there was a nocturnal seal right below us… barking!!! It was a funny, weird thing!!

Tight squeeze!!

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