March NOMADness

The end of February was the end of our time in Florida, however it was NOT the end of our winter!!

We are prepping for the next big leg of our trip; got to visit family in Georgia, quick stop in Huntsville, and happy to get good time in with my mom before we went to hug necks with friends and family in Tennessee… Our home away from home!!

Snow welcomed us at Montgomery Bell State Park; that was a first for us in all of our years there!!

We left Tennessee with butterfly wings in the form of a cute car for the girls to learn to drive!! This is new territory on many fronts!

Keeping in our family theme; friends welcomed us to Mammoth Cave, KY area where we spent the rest of the chilly month. We’ve enjoyed the slower pace and peaceful places. My favorite thing about the places I go are the people!! Give me a circle of friends, a warm fire and maybe a shared drink and I am home!!

The coming few weeks are of transition as our trailer returns for more repair and we feel the tension of an arrow, pulled full draw, as we ready our summer plans to shoot towards and stay as far West as possible!! Right, Kayla Rose?? #thepossibilitarians March 2016

Saturn 😉

Rockmart, GA

This sweet neighbor girl was teaching Ruby how to ride a bike! She said “I can teach you to ride a bike and you can teach me how to be a girl!”

Cousins being with cousins!! Kris and Leviathan came to spend good time! 😘

My brother took Chris and Daisy trap and skeet shooting; first time experiences!!

Jupiter was my favorite at the US Space and Rocket Center!

Saturn 😉

Mission Control for the International Space Station

Moms house always has comfy seats and good books!

Daisy teaching Dad a thing or two!

Daisy is really getting good with the mandolin as well!! I need to post a video of the jig they were playing!

We heard a tree fall in the woods… but we couldn’t see it… so did it really fall?? Haha

Anita, I’m so glad you came to let us see you and Sweet Sophie!!

How is this the ONLY pic of my mom and I on this visit?!

This makes me feel so much love!!

Cherry Lynn loved the snow more than anyone!! For TN folks… THIS IS snow!


The Big Butterfly Deal 🦋

One of my favorite pictures of me and Ruby. 💗

We took over this row! It was perfect!! All five families!!

Jill made Cinderella themed snacks for movie night! We all went to see Beauty and the Beast the next day!

Movie Night!! The kids would take turns whose RV they were holding Movie Night each night!

I’d go anywhere with Doug and Mandie! And we did!!! This is Lost River Cave in Bowling Green, KY! This was a fun boat tour; the water was high so in some places the roof was low!!

This girl shimmies up the trees… barefoot!!

Moms Night Out and shooting fun

The goodbyes are definitely the hardest part!!! 💗

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