Good News, Bad News

Bad News: our trailer repair has been cancelled

Good news: we got a refund on the cabin

Bad news: don’t know how/when/where we will get the trailer fixed

Good news: cobbler is in the oven

Bad news: smoke is in the trailer

Good news: cobbler isn’t burned; only what has spilled over

Bad news: don’t know where we will move to the day after tomorrow

Good news: someone wants to buy our land for sale

Bad news: no more bad news; it’s all good

Good news: it’s an adventure called life

April 2017

(Context… when you live in your RV Fulltime, it needs more repair. Shops are often backlogged and often you have to move out (sometimes completely) until the repair or upgrade is complete. It’s a challenge to move a family of eight into a hotel or cabin for an undetermined amount of time. It’s a challenge to get anyone to do a quality and/or timely repair.)

Everything’s a trade off. 😉

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