Roths Family Reunion July 2017

I married into a wonderful family that celebrates life, love and each other by being all together every three years. This year marks 100 years the parents of the first generation married; and they’ve been gathering every few years for forty years!

The week long reunion is rich with tradition, usually with a beautiful backdrop of scenic Colorado for making new memories! From fire pits to horseshoe pits, Sunday Blessing service to the No Talent Show… with picnics, hot springs, horseback riding, whitewater rafting, Mah Jong, trap shooting, amusement parks, and my favorite sing along circle, all sprinkled throughout… it was a perfect time of relaxing and reconnecting.

The goodbyes are always tough, for there is so much change in three years. For us, it was nice to be able to say to some “See you in a few weeks!” instead of “…a few years.”

My family feels more loved than ever! What a sweet week to share!! We love you, all!!!!

Sister Tarcisia (aka Sister T) is probably the MOST REMARKABLE (and loved) person that I’ve ever met! She radiates true love and joy!

I love these pictures that show the span of generations! I think there were at least FIVE generations represented there in 2017!

Ruby’s new favorite game! There is a MahJong tournament every year!

The ‘No Talent Show’ gets better every year!! We laugh…we cry… It’s a highlight!!

The skits were phenomenal! And funny!!!

Cherry Lynn, Ruby, Melody and Kayla did a skit, too!

Hanging around!

Trap shooting!

The younger’s played so well together! This was an amazing little fairy fort land they cooperated to build for fun!!

Volleyball was a ball! 😉 Sometimes the ball got stuck in the trees!!

Children’s games! All of the traditional reunion games plus new fun activities; but the piñata is always the winner!!

Out of the 130 folks… the kids outnumbered the rest!!

Love ya, Shelly Roths Brewer!!

Glenwood Springs; I owe somebody photo credits! 😉

The Jacobs family, June, 2017 Glenwood Caverns Adventure Park, Glenwood Springs, CO

Almost everyone is TALLER than me!!


❤️ The Roths Family Reunion, June 2017 ❤️

Chris and Scott (Dana!) at a much earlier family reunion; my guess mid -late 1980’s??

ETA Chris says he’s 13; so this was probably 1987… Looks SO much like Kayla!!!

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