Two Year Nomadiversary Aug 2017

Two Years for The Possibilitarians

Two years; exploring thirty-one states.

Two years; seeing family and friends near and far.

Two years; living in tight quarters with a loose schedule.

Two years; learning our limits, and helping each other outgrow them.

Two years; still loving how we roll.

Currently we are enjoying our twenty-third stop in 2017… with twenty-three more to go!


Bend, Oregon is beautiful!

Seattle, Washington

Mount St Helens, Washington

The Canyonlands, Mesa Arch, Utah

Sunset in Amarillo, Texas

There’s no place like the loving reach of Grandma! 💗

Huntsville, Alabama

Wauchula, Florida

Montgomery Bell State Park, White Bluff, Tennessee… a home away from home!

Bainbridge, New York 💗

Lake Superior, Upper Peninsula, Michigan

Manistique, Michigan. Purple!!!

Devils Tower, Wyoming

Spearfish Canyon, South Dakota

Pikes Peak, Colorado

Wylie, Texas The most frightful hailstorm or any storm I’ve ever been…

Wylie, Texas; the good memory 😉

Love in White Bluff, TN

Hollywood Beach, Florida

Pensacola, FL

Stone Summit, Kennesaw, Georgia

So much Florida!

Auntie Cheryl brought us to the beach, and teaches us so much about love and life!!! 💗

I’ll never forget how much this baby girl danced and swirled and twirled in that dress in the edge of the ocean… she was definitely one with the universe. I wonder what song she had in her head…

This is all of our house…. but no matter where we are; together we are HOME.

Grandma love!

Natchez Trace Parkway, TN

Colorado Springs, Colorado. Balanced Rock, Garden of the Gods

Maybe Wyoming 😳

Family. I LOVE them!!

Seattle, Washington Tide Pools

Fall City, Washington

Dead Horse Point State Park, Utah

Idaho, underrated Idaho!! We can’t wait to go back!!

Newberry in Bend, Oregon (Thank you, Ruth Miller for the pic!)

Glenwood Springs, Colorado

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